Samm Worldwide Pvt. Ltd.(ski enterprises merged in SAMM Group)

We provide various flexible production and quality control services to protect your interest in business. We work as your own team and represent you in India. Our sourcing strategy aims at striking an optimum balance quality, services and prices for product obtained from manufacturing units.

No matter you are a novice to start outsourcing from India or a veteran with experience of purchasing from Indian factories, we can provide our complete / customize agency services for sourcing leather footwear with good quality and reasonable prices.

Complete agency


With our long experience of providing full agency services, we offer complete set of services to you.

Based on your requirement and product profile we start with suggesting suitable factories and sharing images of matching products for references and their pricing. In case, you know a suitable factory we are open to offer this service to your for that factory. In brief, we would like to categorize this services based on various stages of order.


  • Presentation of new idea, materials and samples
  • Selection of right factory as per the product profile.
  • Price negotiations.
  • Full assistance and co-ordination in development of samples and ensure that samples are dispatched on time with given specifications.
  • Co-ordinate for best possible ex-factory date for order.
  • Chemical and physical testing.
  • Factory audits.


  • Material approvals.
  • Regular in-line monitoring of all production processes at every stage.
  • Random Inspection of packed shoes before dispatch.
  • Regular update of order status on our Web Portal customized for every client.


  • 100 % Quality Inspection of each and every pair of footwear before packing.
  • Co-ordinate with freight forwarder including price negotiation.
  • Checking of shipment documents.
  • Follow-up the shipment till destination and update customers accordingly.

Customize Quality Assurance


This flexible service enables you to use only our Quality assurance service in which we check the goods on your instructions so that you can have complete quality control. Under this, we do not interfere in any other process/ communication. We do both known and random visits to factories and after the control checks, we submit our Quality Control Report directly to the buyer with images and our observations maintaining 100% transparency.

In brief, we would like to categorize this services based on various ways of Quality control.

  • In-line inspection of goods
  • Inspection of goods before packing
  • Inspection of goods after packing

In case, you work directly with a factory, you can instruct us to do the inspection for a certain AQL to avoid poor quality of goods in shipment.

Factory audit and testing

Factory Audits:

The Factory report is based on the information required by you regarding factory where your order is processed. It includes information regarding following:

  • Business licenses, organizational structure etc.
  • Social Accountability
  • Supplier Assessment

This ensures you that the factory profile matches with your brand profile and is ethically suitable to work with.

Testing Services:

In this, we make sure all the essential physical and chemical tests are carried out under European norms. The basic chemical test we do for our customers are:

Material Test
Leather Azo, PCP, FORMALALDEHIDO (H-HC=O), Chrome-VI, Cadmium, Disperse dyes, DIMETILFUMARATO (C6H804), Chrome-VI by ageing,
Textile Azo, Disperse dyes
Others Sole Bonding Test, Color fastness to rubbing, Resistance to corrosion, Nickel

Other Services

Some of our other customizes services includes the following

  • Sampling co-ordination and Collection making
  • Material Approvals
  • Container loading Assistance

Similar to the services, our charges are also flexible, which depends on 3 factors

  • Order quantity
  • Days of working
  • Type of service subscribe

Please note that we are in no way associated with the factories hence do not charge them. We represent our customers and charge only to them.

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